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Wie wählt man eine universelle Prüfmaschine?

A universal testing machine (UTM), also known as a universal tester, materials testing machine or materials test frame, is used to test the tensile strength and compressive strength of materials. An earlier name for a tensile testing machine is a tensometer. The "universal" part of the name reflects that it can perform many standard tensile and compression tests on materials, components, and structures (in other words, that it is versatile).

With the progress of society, various new materials emerge in an endless stream, the performance of the original materials has also been further improved, and the range of use is also continuously expanded. In this dazzling array of testing machines, how to choose a suitable universal tensile testing machine? Since most of the current material tests are static performance tests, the following is a simple comparative analysis of the performance characteristics of common universal testing machines currently on the market for your reference:

1.Range Auswahl der Universalprüfmaschine:
According to the maximum load of the test material, select the required maximum load of the testing machine. It is recommended that the test load of the material be around 70%-90% of the testing machine range, which not only guarantees the test resolution but also extends the service life of the testing machine.:

2.Auswahl der Präzisionsklasse der Universal-Zugprüfmaschine:
At present, the accuracy of the testing machine is generally used in two types: 1 and 0.5. For general material testing, a grade 1 tester is workable, but for scientific research and material analysis, a grade 0.5 tester is required; In fact, there is no obvious technical difference between the 0.5-level and 1-level accuracy test machines. The calibration methods and means are basically the same, but the correction points are different. With the development of sensor technology, the linearity of sensor components has reached a high level, as long as the measurement circuit is not defective, anti-interference performance is good, all testing machines will achieve 0.5 accuracy is no problem.

3.Auflösung und dynamische Leistung (Bandbreite) Auswahl der universellen Zugprüfmaschine:
Resolution is an important parameter of the testing machine, and a proper resolution will benefit the resolution of the measurement, measuring out smaller indexes, effective resolution and dynamic performance are a contradiction in terms. Blindly improving the effective resolution is at the expense of dynamic performance (bandwidth). The result of the reduction of bandwidth is that the material yield fluctuation is not obvious, and even the yield is a platform phenomenon, so the selection must also Parameters are effectively considered.

4.Synchrone Leistungsauswahl der universellen Zugprüfmaschine:
The data collected in the material test is the load and deformation of the material at the same time. If the two are not synchronized, the load will be forward dry deformation or the deformation will be forward dry load. The same load will appear when measuring the elastic material in the forward and return journey. Corresponding to the two deformation problems, the inward and return curves do not overlap.

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